Information About Heart Checks

Heart examination is an examination conducted to detect the possibility of interference with the heart, or as a prevention of heart disease. Although it is very dangerous and can cause death, heart disease can be prevented in most people. In order to detect heart disease early, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately if you feel that you are experiencing symptoms. Indications for Cardiac Examination A heart examination is highly recommended for someone who has symptoms of heart disease, such as fatigue, palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, or swelling in both legs and abdomen. Heart Check Warning Pregnant women should not undergo a heart examination using X-ray imaging methods, such as CT scans and chest X-rays. For patients planning to undergo an MRI examination of the heart, it is required to notify the doctor if there are metal implants in the body. There are types of heart tests that use the help of contrast fluid. For patients who have a history of allergi
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